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Oil & Gas Refinery

Slavyansk Eco LLC

Our Strategy

The strategy for the development of energy processing is fully consistent with the development priorities of the Russian fuel and energy complex and includes a number of goals:
input of additional capacities at a number of operating enterprises
modernization of raw materials and processing industries, reducing the energy intensity of production and increasing its environmental friendliness,
increasing the supply of high-quality hydrocarbons to the Russian and world markets
stable, uninterrupted and cost-effective satisfaction of domestic demand for petroleum products
active, without prejudice to domestic needs, participation in ensuring global demand for petroleum products
innovative renewal of the industry, aimed at improving the energy, economic and environmental efficiency of its operation
ensuring stable revenues to the consolidated budget of the country
development of transport infrastructure for petroleum products

The main vector of the strategy for 2015-2020
PROCESSING establishment and consolidation of technological leadership among oil refineries in Krasnodar Region; modernization of the processing complex: bringing the refining depth to 95% due to the commissioning of deep oil refining;

SALES Strengthening positions in the export market; retail sales volumes more than doubled; further development of its own and controlled distribution channels and improving the efficiency of domestic sales in retail and small wholesale.

MANAGEMENT Improving the market perception of the Company's activities through disclosure improving the integrated system of personnel management and motivation