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Our Policy Health & Safety

Today, Slavyansk ECO LLC is one of the most dynamically developing enterprises in the south of the Krasnodar Territory, which uses modern technology, continues to improve production efficiency, and build new high-tech facilities in accordance with the requirements of international labor protection standards.

The plant has developed an OSH management system, established specific duties for all employees of the plant, ranging from the director to workers, for occupational safety and compliance with industrial safety requirements. Such a management system helps to reduce the level of industrial injuries and increase the economic efficiency of production.

The company's social protection policy is aimed at:
-ensuring the absolute priority of preserving the health and life of the company's employees and the population in the areas of production,
-achievement and maintenance of a modern scientific and technical level of safety and labor protection;
-ensuring safe working conditions at workplaces
-improvement of working and rest conditions of employees
-the study and dissemination of best practices in the implementation of the OSH management system,
-creation of conditions for professional growth, advanced training of specialists and workers,
-propaganda of the best practices of work organization in the field of labor protection.
-ensuring compliance of the Company's activities in the field of labor protection with Russian and international standards.

A special assessment of working conditions is an essential and integral part of the OSH Management System. The results of a special assessment of working conditions make it possible to comprehensively address the primary issues of preserving and promoting the health of workers.
Another priority area of ‚Äč‚Äčmanagement is training and certification of plant personnel in the field of labor protection and industrial safety. All our employees strive to be high-class professionals. The older generation conveys experience to the young.

At the expense of the company, our employees receive new professions. Factory workers are provided in a timely manner with certified workwear, safety shoes, collective and individual protective equipment.
The state of health of workers is closely monitored by specialists of the factory health center, provided with medicines and equipped with modern medical equipment. According to the results of the periodic medical examination, the contingent of workers in need of sanatorium-resort treatment is determined.

Analyzing the ongoing work on the prevention of industrial injuries and accidents at the plant in recent years, it should be noted that the current SS gives positive results, which affects primarily the health and safety of plant workers and the population living near the plant. In recent years, the plant has not been registered industrial injuries

Occupational Safety