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Our Policy Industrial Safety

On December 30, 2007, an enterprise fire brigade was created at the enterprise, consisting of one round-the-clock guard service of 3 people and two fire tank trucks.
With the expansion of the enterprise, the fire department also became stronger. Currently, the guard consists of 9 people: the head of the guard, three drivers of fire truck tankers, two drivers - the operator of the lift lift of a fireman, three firemen. The guard is armed with modern fire fighting equipment: four fire tankers with a tank capacity from 2.5 to 6 cubic meters. m., fire extinguisher with an arrow height of 38 meters and a range of supply of fire extinguishing substances up to 120 meters - PPP - 38 - 80 - with its own foam tank with a capacity of 5 cubic meters. The foam lift can successfully extinguish fires in tanks with a capacity of up to 50 thousand cubic meters.

All employees of the fire department underwent special and initial training, have extensive practical work experience and consolidate their knowledge and skills in the course of planned daily theoretical classes and weekly practical exercises conducted at the enterprise, as well as during fire and tactical exercises in the village of Akhtyrsky. The exercises are held annually and the actions of the guard and fire equipment of the enterprise for extinguishing the burning tanks of the RVS-1000 are worked out. During the exercise, the readiness and ability of the personnel of the guard to act in extreme conditions, as well as the unique capabilities of the fire equipment of the enterprise, was confirmed. So, at the last exercise in April 2013, the time for extinguishing a burning RVS - 1000 fire fighting foam from the time of the supply of the frother to the tank was about 7 seconds.

Training of all personnel of the enterprise is conducted weekly in accordance with the Plan of basic measures in the field of civil defense, prevention and elimination of emergencies for the current year. In the course of training, the actions of employees of the enterprise in any possible emergency situations are practiced: spills and leakage of oil products, depressurization of tanks, the formation of an explosive air-fuel mixture, explosions and fires, derailment of cars from rails, accidents at pumping stations, etc. as well as members of the emergency response and rescue unit. NASA members after the localization of conditional emergencies begin the final elimination of their consequences. Those who do not participate in direct actions to eliminate a conditional emergency are evacuated from the territory of the enterprise. According to the results of each training session in structural divisions and in the fire department, an analysis of errors is carried out, an analysis of actions and the task is set to eliminate the identified deficiencies. Such work has led to the fact that any unexpected introductory training sessions and abnormal situations in daily work are practiced at a high level, without errors and fuss, competently and successfully

The management of the company pays great attention to ensuring the continued combat readiness of fire-fighting equipment and weapons. The arising faults of the technician are eliminated in the shortest terms. Drivers of the fire department are able to eliminate almost any car malfunctions. MOT-1 of all fire-fighting vehicles is carried out on a monthly basis, a constant refueling of fuel and lubricants is provided, there are necessary spare parts and tools. Fire tankers are equipped with portable and stationary fire monitors, modern various hand trunks to eliminate virtually any possible fires and fires. There is a double supply of foaming agent at all facilities, and fire water sources provide a threefold supply of water to eliminate the maximum possible fire.

Two automatic fire extinguishing systems and two evacuation warning and warning systems (SOUE) were commissioned. All rooms are equipped with automatic fire alarms. Ensured reliable operation of the local warning system (SALW) - s-40 siren, which can be switched on from eight remote control panels with a range of up to 500 meters. The consoles are located in all operators, at the shift inspector and at the facility management. Testing the functioning of SOUE and SALW is carried out during weekly workouts.

On the territory of Slavyansk ECO, LLC there are two automatic fire extinguishing systems: at the tank farm site with railway overpasses and the raw material base. Both systems consist of a fire pump with a set of equipment for fire fighting, irrigation, and the creation of a water curtain (water is supplied through a circular water supply network) and foam fighting. Automatic depotting of cars and decks of two railway racks (36 and 14 cars, respectively) is carried out at the tank farm (for 36 and 14 cars, respectively), and for TSB - RVS tanks - 1000. For this purpose, annular solution pipelines are laid across the territory